There are several methods for viewing and creating stereo videos for use in the ICon Lab.

Viewing 3D Stereo Videos

To view an existing stereo video, you can use the Stereo player on the main desktop. This application will load and play stereo videos. It has many different settings, so it is important to first configure the play for your particular video type.

The following are the standard configurations for playing a typical commercial 3D movie, e.g., the Up Denali 3D movie.

Playback - Settings: Select the Cyberlink DVD Decoders for both the Audio and Video decoders
File - Video Decoder Properties: Select the 'Force Weave' radio button in the Video Mode
File - Video Properties - Settings: Set Playback to 'Stereo - Quad Buffered OpenGL'
File - Video Properties - Settings: Set Layout to 'Interlaced'

After making these setting selections, then you can start the video. If it is still not in stereo, make sure that the stereo playback is turned on (you can use the eye glasses icon on the bottom of the screen to turn this on and off) and check the left and right eye settings which can be flipped with the icon on the bottom of the screen.

Creating 3D Stereo Movies with VIZ / 3D Studio Max

You can use Autodesk VIZ or 3D Studio Max to create stereo videos. You can perform this by rendering a path through the model for two cameras with an eye separation. A good example of how to do this is contained at the following website:

Loading and Navigating 3D Stereo Models