Worksharing and Worksets

Revit is setup to use work sets and central files to allow for collaborative working and sharing of information. Using central file allows for multiple user to have input on a single Revit file at one time. Each user will store their information to a local file where they make changes. These can then be updated to the central file periodically for others to use.

The process is of creating a central file and work sharing is outlined in great detail in the contents tab under working in a team in the Revit (Help) Architecture 2009 User’s Guide.

Common problems:

  • Username is incorrect: The username of revit does not always change based on a logging into a computer. Before working on a shared project one should ensure that the username is correct settings\options menu.
  • Local file can become too far removed from central file: it is possible for a local file to lose association with the central file if the project has gone through a number of change since last “save to central.” To ensure that this does not happen save to central whenever prompted by the program. This often happens when the username is change during a Revit session
  • Copying a central file. Central files can be copied however they will lose their status as a central file for the project. To reestablish a central file: go to file menu> Save as… > options…> check “Make this a central file after save” > click okay and save

Below is a link to further Revit Tutorials. The Revit Architecture 2009 users guide can be downloaded there as well as additional Revit materials.
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