Courses that address topics related to Building Information Modeling include the following.

AE 221/222 - Building Materials and Working Drawings

Students learn how to use Revit to develop architectural and mechanical models and working drawings.

AE 372 - Introduction to the Building Industry

This is the introductory construction course in AE. 4D CAD and BIM are discussed in the course, and students develop a 4D model for their project. They also use an architectural model developed in Revit to perform a cost estimate. In addition, integrated practice is discussed in the delivery method section of the course.

AE 444 - Advanced CAD

Students learn how to use 3D Studio Design to further develop models. This course is primarily focused on design visualization.

AE 472 - Preconstruction Planning

Students develop a preconstruction proposal for a project as a semester long course project. Many of the student teams develop 3D and 4D CAD models to support their proposals.

AE 473 - Project Controls

This course is focused on project controls. The course includes 4D CAD modeling, model based estimating, and 3D design coordination topics.

AE 481/482 - Senior Project

Some students for their senior capstone project will enroll in a special section of the IPD / BIM Thesis. This initiative is focused on groups of 4 student who work together to redesign a building through an integrated design process which is supported with BIM.

ARCH 497A - BIM Studio

The BIM Studio course is, offered for the first time in Spring 2009, is focused on the development of a project design from concept through analysis to create an architectural design with well develop engineering systems analysis. This architectural studio course is composed of project teams with members from the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Architectural Engineering departments. Students learn about BIM, engineering analysis using BIM, and collaboration.

AE 597F - Virtual Facility Prototyping

This graduate course is focused on the development of virtual prototypes for the building industry. More specifically, it is focused on using design and construction information to develop digital prototypes which aid in design and decision making on a project. The course is conducted in the Immersive Construction (ICon) Lab and students learn how to repurpose building information models into full scale virtual prototypes.

AE 597G - Building Information Modeling (BIM)

This course is a course focused on BIM implementation on building design and construction projects, as well as company implementation strategies for adopting BIM practices within their organization.

Note that students also receive additional application specific training in other courses throughout the AE and Architecture departments.