Millennium Science Center / Material and Life Sciences II

AE 472 - Preconstruction Proposal

Team Members

Ralph Kreider
Charles Miller
Maria Piergallini
Carmen Brutico
Michael Webb

Description of Project

"Develop a competitive proposal for the building construction project assigned to your team. You are required to complete an estimate, schedule, and construction plan for the building project planned for the Penn State Campus. Periodic submissions will be used to build a full proposal by the end of the semester. A professional presentation will then be made as teams compete to win the project."

Note: All Information in this proposal is hypothetical. All facts and figures are based on construction drawings that are not to the specifications of the actual Material and Life Sciences II. It is important to note that MACH 5 is a made up company along with most of the credentials of the employees. The purpose of this project was for Architectural Engineering students to get a better understanding of what is required for a preconstruction proposal. It was not the intent of this assignment to have correct estimates and duration of activities. This knowledge would require a more significant level of detail than what was required in this project.

Final Proposal

Text Only

Word Documents

"Company" Info

Site Investigation



Construction Planning

Final Presentation


Hypothetical Steel Sequence

Phased Walk Around