Modeling Applications

  • Navisworks Jetstream with the Timeliner module (Available in AE Labs)
  • GS Constructor
  • Commonpoint Project 4D
  • Integraph Smartplant Review

General Procedure for Developing a 4D CAD Model

  1. Develop a 3D model which is appropriately grouped to allow for the interaction with the schedule tasks. This sometime requires remodeling of architectural components, or developing
  2. Develop a construction schedule. Most modeling applications accept CPM schedules from MS Project or Primavera Project Manager.
  3. Import or link the 3D model and schedule into a 4D Modeling application.
  4. Within the application, link the 3D objects to the appropriate schedule activities. You will also need to define the activity types, e.g., construction, temporary, or demolition activities. These activity types will control the method of displaying the 3D elements based on the time in the schedule.
  5. Review the model by using the 4D modeling application.
  6. Revise as needed and publish.