The following applications are currently installed in various places at Penn State. The locations that support the applications are noted as follows:
(1) - AE Computer Labs excluding the ICon Lab
(2) - ICon Lab machine(s)
(3) - IEL
(4) - SALA ITS Labs
(5) - SALA Stuckeman Lab
(6) - General ITS Labs

Building Information Model Authoring Applications

3D CAD / Visualization Applications


Viewing Applications

CAD Viewing / 4D Modeling / Conversion Tools

VRML Applications

  • BS Contact Stereo (VRML / X3D loader) - The default VRML viewer (1,2)
  • Injector (authored by ITS at Penn State for VRML model modification) (2 - Console only)
  • VRML Pad (editor for VRML (.wrl) files)

Plugins for Modeling Applications